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Our mission here is to help business owners and entrepreneurs understand how online marketing really works so they can implement it, control it and see massive results simply not achievable by just handing it over to a so-called expert.


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Building a website, running a few social media ads, doing a bit of SEO expecting new leads and enquiries will flood into your business is what is known as HOPE MARKETING and typically doomed to failure, but that, unfortunately, is how many businesses operate and why we hear so often that digital marketing ended up costing money and wasn’t worth it.

It doesn’t help the cause when there are so many digital marketing companies happy to take your money and not deliver the promised results. In fact, many of these companies set up the ads, promising to monitor and improve them … but in reality that does not happen!

A good website for business should be designed to generate new leads, be connected to a CRM and have some level of marketing automation.

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Business Owners Smashing It Online

A free weekly webinar series focusing online marketing, strategies apps and tools to help businesses learn and master the digital aspects available to grow and expand their business.

Each week is a guest expert providing information and training on their area or expertise, giving actionable takeaways for you to implement immediately.

There is a segment reviewing and demonstrating some of the latest online apps, tools and programs to try for your business to help save time, money and resources

Every Tuesday
Every Tuesday
6:00 - 7:30 pm AEST
4:00 - 5:30 pm AWST
5:30 - 7:00 pm ACST
6:30 - 8:00 pm ACDT
7:00 - 8:30 pm AEDT
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There are many WordPress Support Businesses to choose from but this is

Why Our Clients Overwhelmingly Choose Us To Look After Their Websites!

Consistently Prompt

Efficient and thorough in their service delivery. I can highly recommend their … support for small businesses like mine.
Monique Kurki
Monique Kurki
Gold Coast


Nik Cree has been fantastic in sharing his knowledge and expertise.
Moana Robinson
Moana Robinson
OwnerB Styled For Life Gold Coast , QLD, Australia


God after all that mucking around with … [my email support provider] … and Crazy Domains (4 days) you fixed it in minutes!
Donna-Leigh Perfect
Gold Coast

Who Is Running The Show?

Nik Cree has built and run two development agencies helping clients with their digital transformation to take their businesses online.

He is a WordPress website specialist having start with the platform in 2008 and has been crafting and developing websites and online marketing systems since then

He has been a speaker at a number of WordCamps in Australia and New Zealand (available on and runs a weekly business webcast called Business Owners Smashing It Online, bringing on experts and specialists to help entrepreneurs and business owners learn how to grow and scale.

If you have a question or need assistance with your WordPress website or your online presence, Nik and his team, fuelled with coffee, unstoppable enthusiasm and over a decade of experience are happy to help.

Have A One-Off Job Request?

If you don’t want a website support plan you can still submit a request. Please be as detailed as possible to allow the work to be assessed and a quote provided. You are also welcome to ask any questions to determine whether a one-off work request or support plan is more suitable.