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Need Some Help With Your Business?

Don't stay stuck and in frustration! Book in a practical coaching consult to help solve any issue you are having in business.

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Before You Book And Pay, Please Consider ...

Many of the answers you need can be found simply with a Google search. You may need to refine your search, use different world, or search with “Google Operators” to lead you to the answer.

Many apps, tools and plugins have a website with instructions, documentation and a knowledge base. Often the answers you are looking for are contained there. This is one of the places I look first.

Many applications have dedicated support to help you. Have you had a look for a chat icon, help link or email support. These will often resolve issues and questions you have.

Often other people in your network may have already encountered the same thing you are looking for help with. Have you asked around for people who may have discovered the solution?

Don’t give up. Sometimes working problems through to a solution required thought, experimentation, and self-questioning. This helps develop a critical mind and process for tackling other problems that arise in the future. Our intelligence is built on discovery and experience which is how nature designed us, so let nature do it’s work.

The Business Owners Smashing It Online Facebook Community have an array of helpful people who are happy to respond and help. Sometime they actually do have to solution to the help you are wanting.

Yes, it is actually a thing! This is a technique used by coders and programmers to solve both simple and complex problems, sometimes known as “rubber ducking“!

Is the problem, question or issue having a financial or time impact? What is the cost of leaving it unresolved? Resolving the problem during a scheduled consult will give you an ROI greater than the cost you are currently experiencing, and that is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

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100 Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Nik Cree has 30+ years of experience Online and with WordPress as a developer and web designer with an emphasis on business and marketing. He has a high level of competency and problem solving skills and often go the ‘extra-mile’ to resolve your questions and issues. If you receive absolutely no value or actionable steps at all during your session, simply say so at the end and you’ll receive a 100% instant refund.

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