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He is also known to code up WordPress themes and plugins, write sales copy, appear live on Facebook and loves partnering with businesses looking to embrace online tools, apps and systems to leverage time and make more money.

Nik Cree is an Online Transformation Coach and Consultant

Previously, Nik was founder and CEO of a mortgage broking company implementing online strategies to grow it from a local start up to an award-winning national business.

Selling it 10 years later, he moved with his family from New Zealand to Australia a WordPress web design and development agency working with businesses to grow their online leads, enquiries and sales with an effective website.

He sold the business in the middle of the Global pandemic to focus on providing online courses and programs to help businesses and entrepreneurs understand and effectively use the array of tools and strategies available online today to truly become a global business.

He is often seen online hosting the Business Owners Smashing It Online webcast, WordPress Meetups and is fuelled by copious amounts of coffee and unstoppable enthusiasm for new ideas and projects.

Nik is available for speaking and consulting in the web development and digital marketing space as well as private coaching and consulting.



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“How To Turn Your Website Into A Lead Machine With A Few Simple Tweaks”
Most websites either don’t work or perform poorly – that’s the reality but it doesn’t have to be that way.
Having spent 21+ years working with businesses on their online presence and strategies, I have noticed that often by making just a few changes, the websites start working like a machine generating an endless stream of leads and sales.
It can require a bit of work but the effort often pays off tenfold.
Imagine turning up to your workplace each day to an overflowing inbox full of new leads, and a phone that never stays quiet! Is that even possible?

Here is what you’ll learn that will change the way you view your website and online marketing forever.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Your Website Only Has One Job To Do. When You Learn This Your Online Marketing With Become Cheaper, Easier And Your Enquiries Will Soar.
  2. How To Get Your Website To Weed Out Tire Kickers And Price Shoppers, So You Only Get Your Ideal Prospects Enquiring.
  3. Facebook will do all of the hard work of getting you new prospects for free. Learn where to tap into this little used tool.
  4. What To Do To Get Prospects Coming Back To Your Website Again And Again And Again Until They Become A Customer
  5. Win The Game Of SEO With 3 Free Online Tools – Learn What They Are And Start using Them Today To Build Your Brand, Credibility And GAin More Customers

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