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How Much Does A Website Cost?

This is a reasonably accurate calculator for what a new website will cost

If it is higher than you can afford, some features can be replaced with more cost effective alternatives, so please feel free to schedule a call to discuss what you need and to request a fixed price quote.

Websites are able to be extended in the future to include additional options and features.

To make this quote calculator as simple as possible, there is a standard baseline price for the website, then each item you select will adjust to price estimate displayed.

As a rough guide, an average standard business website costs $5,000 and a basic online store costs $7,500.

Website Price Calculator

Next Steps To Get A Website

If you would like to chat further about your website or request a fixed price quote, please send an email request of book a time to chat through your requirements.

NB: Please note that the final quote will be accompanied by a website design contract. The form on this page and the resulting summary email sent to you is an estimate only, not a contract or agreement.