Cloudways Elastic Email DNS Records

By Nik Cree / 18th January 2021 / 0 Comments

Elastic Email Addon DNS Records Elastic Email is a simple and fast email delivery service for high volume transactional emails. Transactional emails are the type of automated emails that are triggered by user actions on a website, and can include things like: shipping confirmation password reset link notifications WordPress updates. These are sent in bulk […]

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Case Study Tracy Tully

I’ve Had Some Good Ones And I’ve Had Some Shocking Ones But I Wouldn’t Be Without My Virtual Assistants

By Nik Cree / 15th November 2020 / 0 Comments

Tracy Tully runs a number of businesses including coaching people on speaking well and delivering professional presentations. She has a team of Virtual Assistants built over a number of years to help with the techie and administrative side of the business. This is a real account of the good and the bad experiences with remote […]

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Case Study Troy Dean

Busting The Myth That Hiring Virtual Assistants Cost Local Jobs

By Nik Cree / 14th November 2020 / 0 Comments

Troy Dean moved has a business delivering online education. Training and mentoring online with students in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and other countries. He freely admits his business would not be the seven figure Busines it is today without the help of a skilled and dedicated team of virtual assistants. The business did not […]

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Angie Neale The Day My VA Hacked My Website

The Day My Virtual Assistant Hacked My Website

By Nik Cree / 14th November 2020 / 2 Comments

Angie Neal talks about how she recovered from her virtual assistant hacking her website through to building a successful business with a team of 7 Virtual Assistants and her. This is a raw and real, unedited warts and all account of the challenges and triumphs growing a seven figure business with a team of remote […]

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