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The Reason You Are Not Getting Enough Leads? You Have Never Been Shown!

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Nik Cree
30+ Years In Online Marketing For Business
WordPress And Digital Marketing Expert

Do you have a website, Facebook Page, Instagram Profile or LinkedIn account?

Have you tried SEO, Social Media posting, Paid for Ads?

Most people spend more time and money on these things than the leads and customers they acquire and give up believing it’s a wasted effort.

Others are just getting started in business and need a quick injection of new business to get going without heading down the wrong track with an irrelevant strategy.

If that sounds like you, a Business Owner who is …

Then this masterclass is for you!

Digital Marketing (AKA getting more leads and customers) is not a mysterious dark art known only by fee charging agencies (who get paid well regardless of the results they get).

It is a proven system and process that can be learned, implemented and works like a well oiled machine!

If you have tried ads, read marketing blogs and books, followed online experts but haven’t been able to fire up an explosion of consistent leads, it is because none of these have taught you a solid, easy-to-follow blueprint.

This Masterclass will give you just that – a blueprint to set up a ‘lead machine’ for your business that works 24/7, fully automated, without needing to spend money on Ads and brings a consistent steady pipeline of new customers, so you can stop the hustle and grind of chasing them down.

You will learn:

Don’t waste another dollar on Ads that don’t work or going down another rabbit hole hoping for a better result!

Instead, come along to this Masterclass and get the tried and tested Blueprint and get good quality customers buying from you.

This is a game changer for every business, even if you have something that works – this will create an explosion in new business.

You don’t need to be techie or online savvy.

You will be able to follow the blueprint or give it to a teenager, or employee that spends their life on their phone, to get it up and running quickly.

Masterclass Details:

Two for One Deal:

Register and bring a business partner, spouse or VA / employee for free.


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Always Go Away With New Knowledge

Love these weekly zoom calls about online business. I don’t mind who Nik has on to present, I just turn up because I always go away with new knowledge.

Seriously Valuable

Seriously valuable marathon of information about virtual assistants (VAs) for businesses! I’ve joined the recorded sessions as was unable to do the live. Thank you so much for the valuable information sharing.

Kaz Rogers

The Real Deal

I would highly recommend Nik to anyone… With so many “fly by nighters” out there, Nik and his team are the real deal.

Moana Robinson


Nik Cree has been fantastic in sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Monique Kurki

Consistently Prompt

Efficient and thorough in their service delivery. I can highly recommend their … support for small businesses like mine.

Garry Yannakis

Performed Miracles

Nik and his team have performed miracles … Nik was very quick to resolve this and many issues quickly. Thank You … !!!!!!!!!!!!

Nik Cree WordPress Developer
Nik Cree

About The Presenter

Nik Cree has been in business for 30+ years employing Online processes and strategies to grow and scale through to sale.

He is an expert in personal branding and organic digital marketing using proven online tools and processes that work.

He has helped hundred of businesses and entrepreneurs succeed with online strategies with easy to understand, simple to follow, proven processes based on experience rather than theory.

He is is often seen in the following places as …

As CEO of a WordPress web development agency since 2008, he teaches entrepreneurs and business owners to exponentially grow their authority, credibility and revenue online without them needing to be techie or code monkeys.

He as a passionate advocate for small business and empowering the owners to understand and navigate the online world.

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