Registration for this program has ended!!
Registration for this program has ended!!

This is not Just A Design Course ...

Learn The Incredible Power Of Canva To Amplify Your Visibility, Accelerate Your Lead Generation and Sky Rocket Your Sales!

This is a 6 week program with real life projects and applications which you can create and implement immediately to get results within your business.

It is for business owners, entrepreneurs and team members responsible for sales and marketing who want to save time and money and produce amazing graphic collateral, generate more leads, get more customers and be more profitable, without needing to be techie or have design skills.

Canva is more than just a graphic design app

It is a powerful business tool that integrates directly with Social Media, a Website, Links with CRMs, has incredible AI Features, all of which make you look like a Design Pro but more importantly saves you hours upon hours of time & can make you Thousands of Dollars ~ all within the Canva Dashboard.

Most people know how to use the pre-designed templates to make stunning images, brochures, flyers and social media posts.

BUT … Did you know about the hidden features that will make your business look like a million dollar brand AND give you the ability to drive your business and make more money inside the platform!?

Enrol today and start using the amazing power of Canva to explode your business growth, get your time back, gain more customers without breaking the bank, and use the profits to enjoy your lifestyle.

Gordon Green
Gordon Green
Profitable Investment Concepts, Gold Coast Australia
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Just completed 6 weeks of 2 hour sessions on discovering the varied uses for Canva with Nik & Jenny from Canva Mastery.

As an older participant who has always shunned social media and is known to be behind the times with technology, to say it was enlightening would be an understatement.

Jenny's knowledge & patience during the course was exemplary. I now feel confident that I can produce my own landing pages for marketing as well as using Canva for several other purposes.

I would recommend this course for anyone either involved in their own business or marketing for someone else.

You Will Create A Working Lead System During The Program That Will Keep Working Forever!

Yes, Canva is a Graphic Design Tool, but it is useless unless you can use it to grow your business, make more money in less time than you are doing now.

During the program you will build a fully functional lead generating system from start to finish that actually bring you in the exact type of potential customer or client to buy your products and services.

Unlike many programs that give to scatter-gun tactics that often don’t work or bring a trickle of new leads, this program overlays a robust lead generation process that works for all businesses. It is a six-step-process, and each week builds on the previous where you will actively design and build one step each week through to completion.

The single focus is to use Canva’s incredible tools to build out a tried-and-tested lead system that you will set free online and watch it bring you new customers.

There is no hype or fluff. This is a solid business strategy used successfully over and over again, without paying for ads, without sucking endless amounts of time, and relies on you creating the six steps and setting it to run until you decide to stop it … and why would you?!!

You Will Learn ...

Absolutely No Experience Necessary Feet
Step By Step Canva Training Board

Step-By-Step Canva Training

Image Magic

Image Magic with Canva
Crazy Image Editing & Effects
Video Magic with Canva

Video Magic

Lead Magic

Lead Magic with Canva
Social Media Magic with Canva

Social Magic

Website & Landing Page Magic

Canva For Business Landing Page

You'll Come Out Having Achieved All Of This ... Finished and Working!!

You'll Create & Promote & Start Getting New Leads During The Course

Brenda Maree Sheldrake
Brenda Maree Sheldrake
Selling on the Spot Marketplace, Ontario, Canada
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Was absolutely fabulous and I would take the whole thing again. Definitely awesome! Thanks for the effort you've put into it. I actually understand it now.

Program Includes

Canva For Business Zoom Session

Weekly Live Training Sessions Recorded

Support & Help in Private Facebook Group

Canva For Business Power Tools

Canva Power Tools and Secrets

Templates, Cheatsheets & Tutorials

Lifetime Access To Member Portal

Here's Why People Love This Program

How To Enrol Now

Yes, I Would Love To Join The Canva Mastery Program

With The Following Payment Option:

Early bird Registrations open now at half price.

Harry Is a Self-Proclaimed Dinosaur

This program helped him launch his business months earlier than planned!

Extra Special Bonuses For Enroling Today!

1. Bring Your VA's or PA For FREE

Do you have a Virtual Assistants who do your graphic design, posts on your Social Media accounts, assists you with your programs and events or takes care of your tasks?

As a special bonus for this program only, when you enrol you can bring your team members to join the sessions so you don’t have to relay your learnings on to them, and they get to learn first hand and start implementing right away.

(Note: This does not mean you can team up with any old random person to share the cost of the program. This is only for your VA’s who helps you in your business.)

2. Bring Your Spouse or Life Partner Too!

You are a unit achieving often common goals and it is helpful to support each other in your life and business adventures, so why not do this together.

You will both get full access to the program and all the program benefits.

You don’t even need to be in the same business. You can be running separate businesses and we want you to succeed in both of them.

(Note: While we won’t need proof that you are sleeping in the same bed together, this offer is for couples genuinely in a life relationship together, not just hooking up with some other random person so you can get the program for half price!)

3. Attend Future Live Programs At No Cost

Enrol today and you receive a free pass to attend any future Canva Mastery Programs as a refresher and take advantage of updated content, new Canva features and additional information.

You will also receive any updated resources, replays and tutorials inside the membership area you will already have access to from this program.

Your Trainers

Jenny Moutou

Jenny Moutou

Jenny is an entrepreneur who has a background in  the corporate world in finance and cyber security.

She has been a lecturer at university and now runs her own business and responsible for the marketing of her business programs and services.

She has used Canva for a number of years for her website design, brochures, fliers, social media posts and promotions.

She has developed ninja skill, uncovering a host of hidden features and functions in Canva that has saved a lot time, and had her produce some incredible designs that look like a professional.

New features are released regularly, some not advertised, but her inherent curiosity has lead her to discover and master the platform.

She now teaches others to become proficient, save time and create profitable online strategies and products.

Nik Cree

Nik Cree

Nik in an online marketer, web developer and entrepreneur who has been working online for 30+ years.

He is the host of the Business Owners Smashing It Online weekly webinar bringing guest experts to share their tips, hints and expertise with businesses looking to grow and do more online.

He has been building websites, integrating apps and tools, and marketing strategies to generate leads, acquire customers and grow profitable businesses.

Canva is a tool and his team uses it daily for creating graphics, social media marketing and growing business quickly and profitably.

He will be teaching how to integrate Canva with other online tools and strategies that novices to seasoned business owners can confidently work with successfully.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

30-Day, No-Questions-Asked, Money Back Guarantee to Try out the “Canva Mastery For Business”. If you have not learned a thing, just let us know and we’ll give you a no-questions-asked refund.

Registration for this program has ended!!
Registration for this program has ended!!