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Do You Want Our Winning Job Ad Template That Has Been Proven To Get Super Star Virtual Assistants?

This is the exact template I have refined over the past 10 years hiring Virtual Assistants to build my team of high performing, talented and loyal virtual assistants!

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High Unemployment Means Everyone Wants To Be A VA

It is a very competitive market place as workers in outsourcing economies realise the enormous opportunity to get to work for an overseas business like yours.

That’s great because there is an ever expanding pool of candidates to choose from.

WARNING: Watch Out For The Newbys!

It is not so great a very high percentage of these workers have little or no experience as virtual assistants.

So often what they say on their applications they can do and the reality are worlds apart.

They get hired only to disappoint and the business owner has to start the process all over again only to experience the same terrible result until they give up disappointed and frustrated.

Weed Out The Worst Of The Bunch ... Easily

Our job ad and application templates have been designed to weed out the poor performers and inexperienced people from the get go.

You quickly get to see through those that are embellishing their qualifications and experience, many dropping out before they finish completing their application, and through to the next stage of selection.

How To Get Only The Best Candidates

Like us, you can end up choosing among excellent candidates and exceptional candidates, so even if you pick the worst one, they are still an excellent choice.

Nick Cree

CEO SmashGo Pty Ltd

Host Business Owners Smashing It Online Webcast WordPress & WordCamp Speaker WordPress Meetup Organiser

Who Is This Nik Cree?

That is my mugshot! I built a WordPress Web Design, Development & Marketing Agency over the past 10+ years and the secret to growing it to a very healthy six figure business was my Virtual Assistant team.

It wasn’t always that way but over that time I discovered the secret to hiring super star virtual assistants who are highly talented and skilled, and were not just doing tasks I threw at them, but made themselves a career running divisions of the business.

This meant I was working 3 to 4 day weeks and enjoying 3 day weekends, doing the stuff in business I was really good at, that being sales and relationships – this is the part that accelerated the business growth, (not the design, development and admin stuff which is handled by my virtual  team).


Get this template now while you are on this page and you’ll also get for FREE our swipe file of our other templates including:

Daily Task Template

A simple process to work out what your Virtual Assistant can do for you. This frees up your time so that you can focus on the core profit centres of your business rather than the repetitive admin and low value jobs that have to be done, but could really be done by someone else.

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Why Hire A Virtual Assistant Template

Don't hire then wonder what jobs a Virtual Assistant can you for you. This template will get you crystal clear on what to get your Virtual Assistant can do for you from Day #1. An efficient VA often gets stuff done a lot quicker than you initially account for.

Value $67.00

Comprehensive Directory Of Where To Hire

There are plethora of places to advertise and hire VA's from. Some are great and others are pretty so-so. Some will charge you a fee and others are free. This directory is distilled down to the best of the best places I have found to hire from.

Value $197.00

Schedule Of Rates Of Pay

What should you expect to pay your virtual staff. It really depends on their role, qualifications and experience. This schedule breaks down the range of pay rates across 8 industry sectors that most business hire across, and for junior, intermediate and senior VA's.

Value $297.00

Apps and Tools For Virtual Working

Because you and your Virtual Assistant will be working in different countries, managing tasks, projects and communication is vital. This list is my top recommendation of apps and tools for effectively working with and managing your virtual team.


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Don’t risk all the wasted time and money, not to mention the mountain of frustration by hiring the wrong person for the sake of getting this step-by-step video program. In fact, buy it, use it and if you don’t end up with an excellent candidate to hire you’ll get 100% of your money back, no questions askedWe use this and it works, and I know that it will work for you too.