How To Hire, Train And Retain A Virtual Assistant(s) To Grow And Scale Freeing Up Your Time And Generating More Money!

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If you’d like to hire a Virtual Assistant (or ramp up your current team) so you can delegate off a lot of the tasks that keep you stuck in the business, sucking your time and energy, instead of doing the parts you love and make you the money, then this is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read.

Here’s whythere are three factors that are working together right now to bring on a Virtual Assistant to build and grow your business so you can step out and get some of your time back and make more money.

Nik Cree

Incredible Pool Of Talent

A great number of businesses panicked earlier in 2020 when the world shut down. They let their VA's go, hunkered down and pulled back. As a result there is a huge pool of well trained, highly qualified (many university educated like engineers, architects, nurses ...), very talented and eager Virtual Assistants looking for work right now with businesses like yours.

Best Opportunity To Profit Is Now!

While many businesses pulled back, those that are succeeding massively are those that have invested in marketing, sales & systems. Customers and employees are now conditioned to using video calls, online shopping, and social media has exploded. Many VA's are so savvy and experienced, they can fully run and manage businesses online presence.

Cheap Online Tools & Apps

It has never been cheaper to communicate around the world, and get stuff done with the vast array of online tools and apps available now, which wasn't possible even two or three years ago. Businesses are saving money on expensive rents and overheads by working from home, using online tools and apps, far cheaper and more efficiently than before.


This is not for everybody. This is not a scheme to just get cheap employees to dump all your work onto, and it will not be suitable for a lot of people because it does require commitment and hard work, and you need to be comfortable leading a team and teaching them your business and some new skills.

The truth is most people don’t take nearly enough action to succeed at something like this so I just want to make this perfectly clear: if you’re looking for an opportunity to get things done on the cheap without any real commitment to the people, or you’re down to your last dollar and you need to pay your rent this month, this is not for you. I’m truly sorry, I wish I could help but I can’t. The quickest way to make cash is to sell your skills as consulting or a service to businesses that need it.

If you are OK putting in some work at the beginning ...

If you’re comfortable with the idea putting in the hard yards, inspiring people to achieve results with ‘show and tell’, delegating & getting out of the way, and above all being 100% responsible for the outcome & doing what it takes, AND you are committed to your team and business, then this could be the ride of your life.

Now is the best time in history to be hiring a VA and creating a Virtual Team right now, however with this opportunity comes a lot of competition.

The biggest problem with getting your business set up, then recruiting, hiring and training a VA right now is it’s all guesswork and flying in the dark until you get someone on board, and even then how do you know it is the right person before you send the “your hired” email.

What they tell you in their CV, job board, application and speaking with them may not be an accurate indication that they are the right person for your business. The only metric to measure how successful they will be if when they actually start working for you and you get to experience what they are like.

Why Am I Sharing This With You

In 2009 when I outsourced my first project, I had absolutely no idea (what I was doing around hiring VA’s) and it was a total disaster.

I had set up a web development business, not knowing much about the mechanics of coding and putting a site together. I knew what I wanted the end result to be but needed to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Oh and, this was for a client I had won a proposal to build a website for … (they got their money back!)

Back then I went online to a jobs board, put out the job description and spec, got a few replies which came with their portfolio of work (many of which I found out later were fake).

I shortlisted and interviewed by text messaging on the board … no live chat or video conferencing … and hired!

Nik Cree Working In Home Office Figuring Outsourcing Out

And Then It All Went Sideways From There!

I wrote up, what I thought was a very clear brief explaining what was required … in retrospect I cringe at how novice it was, even though I used a few industry jargon terms, probably way out of context.

The developer sent back a mockup.

I made a few changes.

He sent back the updated mockup and pressed the green button to get into the build of the website.

Friday Is Golf Day for Nik Cree

What Came Back Looked Fantastic!

But that was the paint job! Under the hood the website did nothing that the client asked for … and the functions were quite complex with member logins, protected content and several levels … all easy today, but back then it had to be coded.

The developer then turned around and said that the functions were not in the original spec document … I argued that it was, but I really didn’t know how to communicate it properly.

He asked for more money to build in the functions, which I paid as this is what to client asked of me.

Round #2, it still wasn’t right, more functions needed, more money requested …

Round #4, #5, #6 …. the same …

… until the client had had enough and pulled out asking for his money back.

So What Went Wrong?

Well lots of things as it turned out, but what I’ve learnt over the years is the reason that this first VA experience was such an epic failure, was that I didn’t know what I was doing, had no effective means of hiring, training and delegating and no points of control to measure key performance indicators along the way.

Couple that with my business being a start up in a brand new industry, learning new tools & technology, not having a clue how all the moving parts went together, and … well you know the story!

Basically, I wanted a “Super VA” that would do my job for me and more – and that just ain’t never gonna work!

AND … this biggest mistake …

I see people do it ALL THE TIME and say they had a terrible experience!

The Epic Failure Damaged My Confidence So Much It Took Me Over Three Years To Try Again To Hire A VA!

Fast forward to now, and I built a very healthy 6-figure a year business, working way less, with a team of seven (six virtual assistants and me), with parts of the business running autonomously without me … which allowed me to take Fridays off to play golf.

Quite a turn around.

And, I sold a section of the business to a competitor as a stand alone unit where the VA team that went with it, continued to run it without much input from the new owner.

I sold that for twice what a business broker estimated … all down to having a highly systemised process run and managed by the virtual team.

The process we use to hire, train and build a virtual team nowadays it the complete opposite of what I did back in 2009.

And, for the first time, I’m sharing this process with you in our brand new training, the VA Success Blueprint.

So if you'd like to hire a well qualified, dedicated virtual assistant often working harder than you, without making all the mistakes I've made, stick with me.

As I said, it’s probably the best time in history to be hiring a VA and creating a Virtual Team right now, however with this opportunity comes a lot of competition.

The biggest problem with getting your business set up, then recruiting, hiring and training a VA right now is it’s all guesswork and flying in the dark until you get someone on board, and even then how do you know it is the right person before you send the “your hired” email.

What they tell you in their CV, job board, application and speaking with them may not be an accurate indication that they are the right person for your business. The only metric to measure how successful they will be if when they actually start working for you and you get to experience what they are like.

Actions Speak louder than words

So what if there was a way easily sift candidates out before you read their application or speak to them?

What it there was a way to securely give them access to sensitive information in your business without risking disaster?

What is there a way to see who really is the best candidates working for you in a trial where the best candidate rises to the top?

Should you go through an agency, hire directly, referral, or go through an intermediary … all have pluses and minuses depending on what you need, and what if there was a quick process to determine the best route?

What if there was a way for the poorer candidates to drop out early leaving you only the best people to choose from?

What if there was a simple way to get a new VA working productively from day one, while at the same time they were learning about your business and what you need?

What is you could free up two whole days of your time within 60 days of getting your first VA?

Well there is. It’s the exact process we go through to hire and build a highly motivated and productive virtual team that become 100% responsible for running and managing key parts of the business (like the one I sold as a turnkey operation for twice the money a business broker was going to get me).

And for the first time, I’m opening the doors to give you a behind-the-scenes look into my business do see exactly how it’s done.

VA Success Blueprint

The VA Success Blueprint is a 6-week implementation bootcamp where you’ll discover – and more importantly – begin to implement the exact process we use to to hire, train and grow our VA’s to consistently get exceptional results, commitment and loyalty to manage and grow our businesses.

Previously 1,997 USD

Only $997 AUD

Here's Exactly What You Are Getting:

Step-By-Step Video Training

Where you'll get to watch over Nik's shoulder as he walks your through the entire VA Success Blueprint via short training videos.

Ongoing support and accountability

Via the private Facebook group to make sure you get your questions answered and keep you moving forward.

Specific training

Around setting up systems and processes for your VA's, recruiting, hiring, interviewing and on-boarding your new VA.

All the templates and frameworks you need

To use and implement to get results.

A complete, no holds barred, behind the scenes look

Into exactly how we consistently hire and create high performance VA's and teams giving exceptional results, with people who are self-starters, dedicated, working longer than expected with real commitment and take responsibility for their area in the business.

But Wait, There's More - Seriously ...

Its about more that finding and hiring a great VA to delegate tasks and responsibilities to free up your time to deliver even better service to your clients, while taking an extra day off for yourself.

You can use your new Virtual Assistant in your business as a positioning device to charge premium fees for exclusive done-for-you services (this works really well, because having a team supporting you positions you as a ‘leveraged’ business owner and and expert).

You can sell the exact Blueprint you’ll learn in this course as a done-for-you VA training and hiring service for your clients – and let’s face it, a lot of clients need staff help with their day to day operations, can’t justify the expense of employing locally but hiring a VA is very attractive, and there is a huge demand for this type of service.

You can also use your success building a team to help you get featured in podcasts, speak at events and build your authority. So as I said, it’s about more than just freeing up time and making more money. It is about positioning you as an authority and go-to-person in your industry, so that people are prepared to pay a premium price point.

The VA Success Blueprint

So here’s a fraction of what you are getting:

Our proven system for determining where to start and what to delegate first

This is the absolutely critical area that most people miss. This process identifies pretty quickly what you should and what you should not hand over to a virtual assistant initially.

The 5 critical steps to prepare the business for a VA

The process we use for identifying, listing, valuing, scoping and creating simple actionable instructions that are easy to follow without taking up a tonne of time.

Selecting the right VA for the right type of tasks

There are 3 types of VA's, each with a role in the business for particular tasks. This is the quick process we use every time to determine whether we hire full-time, part-time, long-term, short-term or delegate in-house.

Lifetime access to the course materials

The recordings, templates, transcripts, documents and information will be uploaded to a special members website which you will receive logins for. Access is lifetime access with no renewals, and as material is updated with additional content and more recent versions, you get all of these also as they are released.

If That Isn't Enough To Have To Dizzy With Excitement, Then Let's Add These Incredible Additional Bonuses:

Up to date schedule of pay rates

The pay rates table has the list of VA types, remuneration scale that are appropriate. These are what we use to determine the starting rate based on their skills, experience and role, the scale for any additional payments and career based increments. Also included is what you are required to pay by law, holiday rates, leave entitlements and special rates like the 13th month which is mandated for any employer in the country - (value $397).

Complete fill-in-the-blank templates

For writing ads, recruiting, shortlisting, interviewing, hiring and an an employment/contract agreement- (value $997).

Complete list of tools, apps and websites

These are all the ones we use to manage our virtual team including communication, task and project management, time tracking, payment system, day-to-day chat, quality assurance ... plus tools for social media, graphic design, video editing, email, content creation, accounting, ... and more - (value $697).

Scripts for shortlisting, interviewing, hiring, reviewing ...

These include all the questions, personality indicators, questions to see what their level of attention to detail is, skill and knowledge checks, level of commitment, etc. The scripts are designed to get candidates to select themselves out rather than you choosing who to bring in and makes the hiring process so much easier and minimises the chances of hiring a dud - (value $997).

VA Hiring Directory

A directory of trusted agencies, websites and direct sources to find and hire a virtual assistant- (value $197).

Lifetime access to future events in this program

As a founding member you can attend any future events in the program and receive any updated material for life - (value $1,997).

Phew, That's A Whole Lot Of Bonuses. In Fact $5,282 Worth Of Additional Bonuses!

The best part of this is that’s it’s specifically designed for people who what to hire a virtual assistant now and do it right, and don’t want to get bogged down in the details but just want a step-by-step process that gets it right the first time.

And before you know it you’ll find yourself with a whole lot more time on your hands, with a competent, enthusiastic virtual team member doing more than you expected and far better than you could yourself (that has been my personal experience over the past five year and more … you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner)!

Nik has been helping businesses engage with the customers and market their products/services for many years and has ironed out great formulas for building successful solutions. I have worked alongside Nik several times and found him to be a great contributor to the industry locally by supporting co-working and community meetups on the Gold Coast 🙂
Grant Hawkey
Grant Hawkey
WordPress Developer

Now I know you have some questions, so I’ll get them out of the way to get you over the line:

There are three stages to getting started and that is covered in the VA Success Blueprint, which will take you through step-by-step with video walk-throughs, templates and guides showing you where to start, through to where to find VAs, ads, hiring and training. We will be with you all the way through the process and after.

It depends on your situation and what you need the VA to do. Generally we recommend full-time, but there are a number of different hiring models to get virtual assistants for one-off or occasional jobs, recurring tasks and intensive work with responsibility. All of this is covered inside, including a guide to help you determine which is best for your business now.

Security and trust are vital when hiring which is why there is a comprehensive list of tools, apps and software to use to protect you, your business, your clients and your virtual assistant. Inside are procedures to set up from day one to keep your business, passwords and sensitive information secure.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of places, websites, agencies and businesses that you can go to to get VA’s. Some are not great while others are excellent. We have spend time refining a list of the best places we have found and used to hire VA’s. This is continually updated and you will have full  access.

It depends on the VA skill level, country they live, type of job, their experience, whether you need a junior, intermediate or senior. There is a comprehensive guide to what to pay VA’s to help you so you are not paying under or over market rate.

There is a comprehensive list of online apps, tools, software and services you will need when working with virtual staff, plus links to training, tutorials and an extensive knowledge-base to help you understand and work with the tools.

Sometimes people are just not the right fit, or things don’t go as planned. There are procedures inside to help with your training and on-boarding of your VA, and a process for what to do if you need to retrain them or move them on.

This Opportunity Is Only Available For A Very Limited Time

This will never be offered at this price point with these bonuses so do it now. Make the commitment to yourself sand get all the bonuses as part of our pre-launch promotion.

Additional Bonus

Oh … and we’ll be throwing in additional bonus, training your VAs! We have set up a training portal just for your VA’s to learn WordPress, Social Media and CRM’s. This is brand new and we are building it out, adding to it over the next year.

It will give them the basics and point them in the right direction to learn and get help. This bonus is a special and only available in this pre-launch. 

100 Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our VA Success Blueprint Guarantee

We have created the VA Success Blueprint to stretch your vision about what’s possible, both for you and your business.

As your mentors, we’re here to hold you accountable to your goals – not to allow you to throw in the towel the moment you come up against something you can’t figure out or when imposter syndrome kicks in.

We’re bringing everything we’ve got to this program: our insider knowledge, our time, our experience and our attention.

Now I’m so convinced that the VA Success Blueprint is going to be just what you need to hire, train and retain your first  – or next – Virtual Assistant that I’m personally backing it up with a 365 day 100% money back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

We have no problem allowing you to walk away from the course as long as you’ve give it your best shot.

Got A Question? Your Answer May Well Be In The FAQ's Below ...

This program is perfect because it helps you standardise and systemise your procedures so that you can hand these over to someone else to do. 

When you are ready to hire a VA you will already have a head start and they will be able to start working from day one.

The added bonus is that you will be developing your systems and procedures as you go rather than being 10 years in doing it, so you can grow quicker and delegate easier. 

All of the information, documents, videos, templates and resources are accessed through a private members portal which you will receive a username and password to. You have lifetime access to this.

In addition there is a private facebook group to ask questions and receive advice from me, our team and other participants.

Nik Cree, the founder and owner of SmashGo has been a web developer for 10+ years working with many hundreds of clients before selling in 2020 to focus on teaching and training.

He runs the popular Business Owners Smashing It Online webinar series, free for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Nik has been a speaker and many WordCamp conferences, a guest on a number of podcasts and online events, and the testimonials on this pages are all real from people who know and are happy to endorse him.

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of places, websites, agencies and businesses that you can go to to get VA’s. Some are not great while others are excellent. We have spend time refining a list of the best places we have found and used to hire VA’s. This is continually updated and you will have full  access.

These are the exact same systems and processes I have used to build a team of seven. What you get are all the things that have and continue to work for us and or team.

That said you still have to do the work. There are no free lunches. If you follow the system and put in the work through the program you’ll get the results.

The program is designed to take at your own pace. What is important is that you do the work.

Some people will go through the entire course, implementing all the way and will hire within the first month, while other people will take two to the months or longer to get there.

It is really up to you how quickly you want to get results.

There’s a saying “The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago, the second best time is today!”

Ask yourself how much time and money is it costing you right now not to have a VA Team working with you, and how much will it coast you to wait another year, two or ten?

And, if you find the program is not right for you remember you have a full 365 Day 100% guarantee to claim a no questions asked refund.

This is the first time this program has run and it is priced at a special founders rate. The reason is we want some case studies to feature for future programs … and I would love you to be one of those success stories.

If we run the program in the future the price will be going up and at least double the founders rate.

If you join today you get Lifetime Access to come back any time, plus you get all the future updates as they are uploaded to the portal.

Today is the only time to join at this Low Rate AND to get Lifetime Access.

Fantastic! I look forward to seeing you inside.

Click this link to join. You can pay in full upfront with a discount or take advantage of the payment plan. Payments are processed securely with Stripe and your credit card.

Once payment has been processed, you’re in and the details of the course are immediately available on the next page and by email.

Yes, there is a payment plan. Simply click this link to go the the checkout page and select the Payment Plan Option.

After your payment has been processed on the checkout page, you will be immediately taken to the welcome page with information about how to access the program.

You will also receive an email from our support team to welcome you on board and with additional information you need to know.

Yes, please join the program, go through the training and put the system to the test for a full year.

If – after giving it your best shot – you aren’t happy with the program after you join, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund with no questions asked. 

If you're one of those people like me who just scroll to the bottom to see the price, here's the deal!

I’m offering you the opportunity of a lifetime to get access to the exact process we use to systemise processes and procedures, hire, train and retain high performing Virtual Assistants who run our business.

I am also giving away out complete system creation process to get the VA’s started on day one, to make it a  total no-brainer for you.

On top of that Im giving you my swipe files with emails, templates, pay rates, interview questionnaire and assessments, training guides, where to go to get top quality VA’s, to get rid of any excuses you may have for not implementing.

Previously 1,997 USD

Only $997 AUD