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Busting The Myth That Hiring Virtual Assistants Cost Local Jobs

Troy Dean moved has a business delivering online education. Training and mentoring online with students in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and other countries. He freely admits his business would not be the seven figure Busines it is today without the help of a skilled and dedicated team of virtual assistants.

The business did not have the cashflow to afford local staff in the early days, but building the business with a much cheaper (and more highly skilled) staff working remotely in the Philippines has enabled him to hire people locally now in Australia.

His is a great example of how developing a VA team can help scale and grow affordably to get a business to be highly profitable much quicker than traditional business models.

There is no better time to tap into the incredible pool of talent overseas to help you grow your business, delegate out admin, marketing, design, social media and a whole lot more, incredibly affordable.

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